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7 Arts Gallery Closing Sale....

Special Announcement

After 7 years, the local collective known as 7 Arts Gallery will close at the end of December. I am grateful for the 12 artists, 20 guest artists and the local fans that have made us a successful gallery and encouraging community for local artists. I will continue my work as an independent artist and will be communicating my future plans here and on my Facebook Page, Tom McGee Art.  Thanks for your support...  I am reducing inventory because my house has limited art storage options, so some sale pricing is in effect for a while.

Contact me directly if interested, DM me on Facebook or


Feeling Ancient Rhythms Acrylic Painting 30x40

Canyonlands Nation Park and the Green River as viewed from Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab Utah from a photo I took on a recent trip. A Hiaku I wrote captures some of the feelings I tried to capture in this painting: the vast horizon waters’ relentless carving feel ancient rhythms This awe inspiring scene took millions of years to create. We can only be grateful for the opportunity to be inspired to by it. “Feel Ancient Rhythms” Acrylic on wood panel 30x40in.

Sangre Sunset

In June 2017 I took a picture of a storm clearing over Santa Fe from my deck. This is the largest painting of it at 3x5 feet on a custom build wood panel. It is the sister painting to "Sandia Sunset". They both hung in the gallery at $3400... now closing out at @ $2700 including shipping.

"Dawn's Early Light"

"The Dawns' Early Light" ,a misty sunrise, Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch is done and perhaps my best overall painting. 30x40 Acrylic on Panel, $1900 Gallery Price, now closing out at $1500 including shipping.

Sandia Sunset

This large (3'x5') painting explores the way a beautiful sunset reflect light on Sandia Peak and the clouds over Albuquerque. Acrylic on 36x60 Custom Panel , it hung in the gallery at $3400... now closing out at @ $2700 including shipping.

Rain Dance Tree

Life finds a way in the desert Southwest, but we still have to dance for water. Acrylic on 24x24 wood panel, $900 Gallery Price, closing out at $700 w/ free shipping.

"Unfolding Mysteries" is an abstract journey through the spiritual and cultural inner "landscape" formed over the centuries in this "Enchanted Land." 29x39 Acrylic on Panel, $1600 was sale price, now closing out at $1400, free shipping.

NM Earth and Spirit connects with pottery.
New Mexico Power and Light

Acrylic Painting 30x60, a 7 panel composition exploring the unique expression of the dance of light and life seen in the powerful landscape here. My most unique painting, was $3600 now, $2600 w/free shipping.

Limestone Heaven (SOLD)

A Texas hill country river is the place to be when it's hot! That's what I remember growing up near Austin! Acrylic on 28x39 Wood Panel, $1600.SOLD

Dancing With the Light in the Living Room

"From Earth to Sky" 30x30 Acrylic on Panel $1300.(SOLD)

Water's Magic brightens a corner.
New Mexico Earth and Spirit

Spirituality is rooted in the land here in New Mexico in all traditions. Gathering places and living places are all made of earth!

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