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Original Artwork and Compositions

Jemez River Valley Exibition.

Archelogy reveals this valley has been supporting human life from at least 2500 BC.  The Hemish people have been calling the valley home for at least 700 years.  In 1541 upwards of 30,000 people were already living there in stone fortresses and Puebloan villages in the valleys around the life giving river that the Spanish called “Jemez”. Today about 3400 remain as official tribal members, concentrated at Walatowa (the Jemez Pueblo), preserving their traditions that celebrate life in its many forms, each with a purpose. My work seeks to honor this view of rocks, mountains, rivers and trees as living and beauty bearing fellow travelers on this journey of life.  These paintings are for sale, but will be displayed at Cabra Coffee, Cedar Crest NM for a few months.  Contact me for shipping details and availability.


Some of my artwork is directly available here and some of my original art work may be seen and purchased at:

Belle of the West Gallery

Madrid, New Mexico

Art House Centro

186 N. Meyer Ave.
Tucson AZ 85701

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