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One Door Closes... (April 2020)

(NOTE: This blog appeared early in the pandemic... the offer of risk free commissions is still open at my discretion).

The gallery is closing, we still have to pay rent and all Summer festivals in Santa Fe are called off. We were beyond discouraged. I had no motivation even to paint knowing I was just stacking them in the corner of my make shift studio at home. Nothing but closed doors as far as the eye can see through the Summer. I did have a commission to do and it got me thinking. Is there a way to do more of these? Then I had a thought that seemed to come out of no where. What if I could paint things that I know people would enjoy, like their favorite scenes and memories? Get them involved in the process but still only paint things I knew had a chance of selling if they couldn't afford them or didn't like how they turned out. A win, win and I would be interacting with potential clients just like the gallery.

One door closes and if we listen closely, we might hear a new door open.

"I might paint YOUR landscape photo next!"has become a whole new way of working for me, meeting people and making enough to pay the rent, even without the gallery! I think we are all endowed with the ability to hear a voice, have a thought, see something new that becomes that new open door. I believe in a God who is with us, for us, loves us all. But, we have to be open to the possibilities that lay beyond our past, and even beyond our imagination. In my experience, these possibilities often seem to come out of no where. Open people usually find the open doors. I am grateful every day that this kind of grace finds me!

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