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A Unique Gathering of Light and Life (January 2022)

In one of my latest major works, "New Mexico Power and Light", Acrylic on mounted panels, I explore the beauty, mystery and power of the New Mexico landscape and its unique place in the cosmos. I used a unique 7 panel composition, acrylic paints, and it 60"x30" gallery priced at $3900. (Still available).

Similarly, you and I embody a unique gathering of light and life. This is our time, our place to shine. Not so much on the stage of life as behind the scenes, making a difference out of the spotlight. Steven Charleston, writes in "Ladder to the Light":

"Write your name. We write our names in the sky each time we do an act of kindness. We say, "I am here" to the universe, imprinting our time among the glittering lights of creation, in the small spaces between lives... Whatever happens we have left our names on the hearts of those with whom we have shared the sun."

We have a unique voice, a unique light, a unique community and a unique history and journey. We are as enchanted as the land that surrounds us. Offering our gifts and love to others is the dance of light and life!

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