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Joining the Dance

"Chama Light", 2022 Original Digital Acrylic Painting available in various sizes.

In 2018 I went to Christ in the Desert Monastery for a personal retreat to find my way once again. It is miles from civilization and cell service, and on the Chama River much as it has been for centuries before the Spaniards, irrigation and the man made dams further downstream. I entered into the simple rhythms of the Monastic life echoed in the beautiful dance of light reflected in the clouds, the cliffs and the Chama.

Though I had been working in acrylics, I decided to return to my roots in oils to capture the dance of light and life I had experienced. In this digital reinterpretation, I have tried to reflect these rhythms of life in the warm and cool notes of this visual song created by the life giving sun and stream. It is an invitation to join this mysterious dance of light and life, of earth and Spirit. It is also a gentle reminder of our need to preserve the wild waters of the West as the very source of it's beauty and life.

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