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Just Enough Light (January 2022)

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

"Just Enough Light" Acrylic on 24x24x2 panel. $590.00 SOLD

Instagram photographer and rock climber Anna, @Mediagirl, took a photo in the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces NM, that inspired this painting and the thoughts. The time was dusk and they were heading down Sugarloaf Mountain, while the sun was still clipping the peaks and high spots, giving them just enough light to get where they needed to go.

In my experience, I seldom have all the information / light that I want, or think I must have to make a decision. This often paralyzes me, leads to procrastination or trying to pawn the decision off on someone else. I just keep waiting for more light to come until I've made a mess or missed an opportunity. Thinking about this I recently wrote in my journal:

Following the light begins with seeing the real light is within. Following the light is giving up control and stepping to the faint light of faith - in the other and in yourself and in the adventure that awaits at the edge of darkness.
Following the light means trusting there will always be enough light for the next step inside, if I'm willing to take the next step wherever it leads. Following the light leads to growing, learning, loving and giving. In fact, these are the light, the path and the destination. They are always available if we trust the light we have already received within.

Following the light I have takes me out of my comfort zone, safety net and reaching beyond what I can see with my limited beliefs and experience. I must trust that worst case in every decision, I might learn something and thus grow in experience. Worst case, I might meet people with whom I can share a bit of life and love or pass on some encouragement. In the best case... well it's pretty much the same if I look at this way! There is always "Just Enough Light" to live, love, grow and give.

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