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Artist Voice vs Artist Style

Updated: May 31, 2022

"From Earth to Sky" - Acrylic on 28x39x2 Custom Wood Panel, $1600 SOLD

Artist's are encouraged to have a "recognizable style." It makes it easier for galleries to sell your work if they can count on the next batch looking much like the last batch. I get it, but I think settling on a "style" can stunt our growth as artists. We can develop artistic laryngitis, losing our unique voice, forget why we create, what we want to say and stop finding better ways to say it.

Take my two most recent paintings, which I am finishing up today as I am writing this. Both of them are "a celebration of the dance of light and life" as experienced here in New Mexico. One is an impressionist landscape and the the other is mostly abstract, with some hints of landscape used as symbols - very different in "style" but from the same voice, as I am expressing it today. It is like speaking two different languages but using color and shapes to communicate in a universal vocabulary. Some people "hear" more from abstract artwork, others from more familiar forms found in nature. I like listening and speaking in both worlds.

"The Unfolding Mysteries" - Acrylic on 28x39x2 Custom Wood Panel, $1600

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