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Way Will Open

"Way will open," were the words given to Parker Palmer at a Quaker meeting. At the meeting the only real reason he could think of for becoming a college president was, "I think I want a picture in the paper with my title and name under it." He eventually found a different "way" to make a difference as a community builder. At least that what I remember from a book he wrote (which I can find and may have given away). I'm already missing the gallery and my "little corner" of Santa Fe where I could work and talk to people. But, I have learned the lesson of "seasons" with 6 careers/ jobs under my belt. "Way will open" has been my experience for all of my life, the great "mystery" of "divine guidance" can be summed up by this Dietrich Bonhoeffer belief, "The most important thing is to... keep our eyes open to see where we find God." Open is the key concept in the multiple meanings of the word, "Open a door" or "Open to listening" or "Opening our eyes" or most importantly "Opening our minds and hearts." Whether you believe in the divine or not, life itself is a miracle and the universe is a mystery that unfolds before us as we keep moving forward in openness. Way will open.

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