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New Beginnings…

I woke up this morning thinking that at 68, "I'm just at the beginning..." There is something new that I'm walking into at this stage of life. One of the mystics I read said, if you have lost your way, go back to the beginning. Somehow this painting of the light echoing off the walls of Deer Creek Canyon seems to capture this feeling of follow the light where it leads even if I don't know what's next. I wrote down this poem as I was processing the thoughts and feelings


where it all began



alone but

not alone

simple, free

it can begin again

unclutter with

thoughts and plans

of significance

god, withness

the great mystery of life

i am void of anything

even faith in my faith

if there is anything left

it's up to you

i am done and undone

but not alone

for I know

there is love

where it all began

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